In India, most companies follow GAAP standards that may vary according to the regions. Also, India has its own Financial Reporting Standards which is referred as Indian Accounting Standard, issued by the Accounting Standard Board during 1977. When implemented, 32 standards in various levels of revision/formulation will replace the existing standards.

However, the term ‘intended use’ can hold practical interpretation differences, between Indian GAAP and international GAAP. If we see at present the US GAAP is the most preferred international GAAP among Indian companies. Capital market money and investment opportunities are more ample in the US today than in all other markets put together. As the market access improves in Europe and elsewhere the future, however, could tell a different story and as IAS improves its influence as a globally acceptable body of standards. Companies listed on the stock exchange mandated to have their annual general meeting within six months of the year-end. Financial statements are filed with the registrar of companies and the Securities and Exchange Board of India.


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IFRS 13 Fair value measure is applicable to IFRSs requiring or authorizing fair value measurements or disclosures, which provides a specific IFRS calculation method requiring fair value disclosure. The standard defines fair value based on the notion of ‘exit price’ and uses the notion of ‘fair value hierarchy’ which leads to a market-based metric rather than the individual. IFRS 13 was initially published in May 2011 and applies to the annual periods starting on or after 1 January 2013. An organization must also include a description of its accounting practices in addition to these specific reports. The new report also reveals improvements in income and loss, along with the previous report.

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BigCommerce Announces First Quarter 2023 Financial Results.

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Accordingly, we recommend that readers seek appropriate professional advice regarding any specific issues that they encounter. In Indian GAAP Disclosures are primarily driven by the requirements of the Indian Companies Act and accounting standards. For example, some large companies began to report their results of operations and financial position in accordance with international GAAP. Incoordination to presenting the mandatory Indian GAAP financial statements. All the assets, as well as the liabilities, must be transparently disclosed in the financial statements to obtain fair results. There should be consistency within the corresponding financial statements.

GAAP ( Generally Accepted Accounting Principles )

The committee’s findings resulted in the formation of the Financial Accounting Standards Board in 1973. Additionally, statutory bodies such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants , Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, etc play a huge role in defining accounting practices and principles with international acceptability. AS-20 of ICAI establishes criteria for determining and presenting earnings per share, which improves performance comparisons between enterprises and accounting periods. AS-15 of ICAI prescribes accounting treatment and disclosure for employee perks except employee share-based payments.

The ICAI also releases guidance notes from time to time on various topics to help in the accounting process and provide clarity. While the basic accounting principles may not directly form part of the accounting standards and the related laws, they are assumed and expected to be universally followed. Within the context of the regulation, IFRS 17 sets out guidelines for the identification, assessment, presentation and disclosure of insurance contracts. IFRS 17 seeks to ensure that an agency offers details on the related contracts faithfully. Such information provides the consumers of financial statements with the basis for determining the financial condition, financial performance and cash flows of the company through insurance contracts. IFRS 17 was issued in May 2017 and applies to annual reporting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2021.

  • Switchover to IFRS will transform the way companies and markets judge performance and value.
  • The government began working with qualified accounting associations to create consistent and acceptable financial reporting standards and practices.
  • This phase involves designing of conversion strategy, establishment of IFRS accounting policies, carrying out operational and systems changes, and eventually coming out with the first comprehensive IFRS financial statement.
  • The enactment of the securities act of 1933, constituting the Securities Exchange Commission, was the second step towards laying down the generally accepted accounting principles.
  • If you are thingkin like how many accounting standards are there in india.

Since, the International GAAP does not allow such foreign currency transaction differences to be capitalised. Therefore, resultant significant foreign exchange differences that are expensed under international GAAP are capitalised under Indian GAAP. While companies with intentions to go to the UK and Luxembourg markets either convert their accounts into IAS, reconcile from Indian GAAP to IAS or merely explain the key GAAP differences. Therefore, the variety of international capital market requirements has made it a necessity for Indian companies to present consolidated accounts. Thus, a new concept to the Indian reporting environment – and adopt other international GAAP requirements. Sometimes, deliberate omissions or editing are done to provide a different picture of the financial statements.

Compliances for E-Commerce Businesses in India

In this phase, attempt should be made to integrate IFRS changes into day to day operations, processes, and systems and controls. The idea is to establish a sustainable process which a company can repeat to produce meaningful information not only immediately but also long after the conversion takes place. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited a private company limited by shares was converted into Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP, a limited liability partnership (LLP Identification No. AAE-8458) with effect from October 1, 2015. Looks like you’ve logged in with your email address, and with your social media. Link your accounts by re-verifying below, or by logging in with a social media account.

At Grant Thornton in India, we understand the importance of aligning financial reporting with regulatory changes and the need for accurate financial reporting. It standardises the different methods used in accounting across all the entities. The International Framework for accounting Records and Financial Statements is an accounting and financial framework developed by the International Accounting Standards Board which is based out of London, United Kingdom. The prepayment interest is based on market value or profits , only on the basis of the right to measure non-controlled value at the purchase date. The table below summarizes some of the key differences in IFRS 3 and IFRS 3 accounting for combinations.

Of the International Accounting Standards Council which provides updates on standards, perspectives and guidelines. GAAP is not detailed, but it aims to reduce cases of incorrect reporting. The issues of companies outside the reach of the GAAP can also be faced depending on their scale, classification, position and global presence. BDO India’s Accounting Advisory Services team is well experienced in the implementation of Indian GAAP/ Ind AS/ IFRS including complex technical issues arising at the time of transition and post implementation. The team provides support to clients for the preparation of technical notes for documentation or management discussion which serves best for internal or external discussion. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Our Banking and Financial Services practice offers our clients comprehensive solutions to the challenges in an increasingly globalised financial world.

As, the companies only account for the tax provision based on the current tax law. Consequently, also there is no such requirement for companies to reconcile their effective and statutory tax rates in the financial statements. Around the world, many countries follow their own accounting principles derived and modified from GAAP. This creates a lack of consistency and uniformity in the accounting and financing formats of various businesses which gives way to confusion. Also, it poses a conflicting issue to multinational companies which have their branches set up in different nations.

Due to the complex process of setting gap standards, any modifications can lead to a delay in approving new standards. The importance of time-period is immense while calculating the statements. Upgrade your Bill Payment digitally using AP automation, or accounts payable automation by technology switch to a revolutionized way for business.

gaap india audit ascertains the accuracy of cost accounting records to ensure that they are in conformity with cost accounting principles, plans, procedures and objectives…. Post the Great Depression, the U.S. government passed a bill, directing public companies to follow a standard accounting practice. Since then, Securities Act and Securities Exchange Act made it compulsory for all companies whose shares are traded and listed in the stock exchange to adhere to the GAAP rules. I am not sure which ones are more relevant to mention, from the above list.


This is done by some greedy accountants or the company’s stakeholders for their profits. Each company has its unique environment, and these accounting principles cannot suit each. The accountant must be sincere enough to provide an accurate and impartial picture of the company’s financial statements. In May 2011 IFRS 12 was issued and is valid for annual periods commencing or following 1 January 2013. Company and financial transactions are reported and listed in the accounting system. So long so societies are engaged in commercial or centralized governance structures, reporting processes, accounting and accounting instruments are in use.

Vice president- Fund Accounting

While a new standard, AS 16, Borrowing Costs, aligns Indian accounting with international GAAP. Also, it requires adoption of the avoidable cost concept in determining the amount of interest that can be capitalised. What led Indian companies to prepare accounts in compliance with international GAAP, especially US GAAP was the temptation of foreign capital markets. Also, companies with intentions to raise money on the US public markets, or merely have their shares traded.

  • Financial statements are filed with the registrar of companies and the Securities and Exchange Board of India.
  • While the inter-company transactions are not required to be eliminated.
  • As of now, IFRS has been adopted by over 120 countries across the globe and increasing.

IFRS 16 stated the identification, calculation, application, and disclosure of leases by an IFRS reporter. The norm sets out a single leaser accounting model which requires leasers to recognize all leases of property and liabilities, except for a 12-month or less term of lease or for a poor value of the base property. Lessor’s approach to leasing remains largely unchanged from its predecessor, IAS 17. Income from Consumer Contracts Summary IFRS 15 describes how and when an IFRS reporter should calculate revenues and allow those entities to communicate more informatively and accurately to users of the financial statements. The norm requires a simple, five-step model of theory that can be applied to all client contracts.

Accounting of transactions under IGAAP has very limited guidance being old standards with limited updation being over time. Ind AS, a replica of IFRS which is regularly updated, and adopted by India with certain carve outs gives significantly detailed guidance to various transactions. I hope that ICAI shall able to converge existing IGAAP standards to Ind AS as early as possible with the common standards. The Accounting Standards put an end to the confusion by setting out a uniform set of best practises and investor-focused, uniform, and internationally known accounting policies that must be followed when financial statements are made and shown.

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EPAM Systems (EPAM) Q1 2023 Earnings Call Transcript.

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The International Accounting Standards Board replaced the IASC in 2001. According to the GAAP, the federal government must file financial reports but they are not responsible for generating and sustaining them. Instead, a few independent boards work to update these standards to represent changing corporate practices and emerging businesses. For instance, among the most recent developments in private companies are goodwill and rate swap requirements. Below is a summary of the GAAP pronouncements governing boards, General According to established accounting standards, GAAP Value ensures that reporting by generally understood means, processes and procedures is consistent and transparent.

These statements show the economic resources controlled by a parent and its subsidiary as a single economic entity, its liabilities, and the results it produces with its resources. Accounting Standards for non-corporate entities, such as Small and Medium-sized Enterprises , are set by the Accounting Standards Board of ICAI in India. These standards are based on Indian GAAP and are meant to make it easier for users to understand financial statements. But for corporate entities, the Accounting Standards that the MCA has announced apply.

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Mind The GAAP: How loss-making companies adjust numbers to show they are profitable.

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This will bring in uniformity, reduce confusion, make comparison easy, and make nations more compatible with each other. The uniformity in accounting formats and principles brought by GAAP allows external readers of financial statements to understand the accounts of a business easily. Making comparisons within a business and between two businesses becomes much easier which further helps investors in making decisions related to investments. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles is a set of globally accepted principles of accounting. GAAP prescribes certain specified accounting principles, definitions, treatment of confusing entries, and industry-specific rules which ensure consistency in the financial and accounting statements of all organizations. This need led to the framing of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles .

Global Capability Centers Global Capability Centers have transitioned from being cost drivers to strategic business enablers and value creators. At Deloitte, we have tailored our services portfolio to bring innovation, deliver value and lead the evolution of GCCs from resource centers to Centers of Excellence . As we have already discussed the differences Indian GAAP and US GAAP hold.

Knowing that they must meet guidelines, the consumers will count on them. They know that the businesses cannot have grave consequences if they do not comply with these requirements. An Organization with research orientation called the Accounting Principles Board was formed in 1957 to spell out the fundamental accounting postulates in the United States. Since APB’ efforts in the standard setting process did not match the requirements, the wheat committee was appointed in 1971 to examine the problems of APB and to provide solutions.

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